Rebecca Marsden, All At Once. Photo: Daniel Sim

All At Once


The Royal College of Art this year presented its annual MA Fashion show at 27 Cork St.

A large-scale, immersive event, All at Once, investigated fashion as designed identities and took the form of a dynamic installation that combined structural interventions and a diverse ensemble of 50 models; a spectral chess.

What transpired was a live and vital tableaux asking urgent questions that address the fashion industry’s impact on people and the planet. Zowie Broach, Head of Fashion, RCA said: ‘The RCA MA Fashion 2019 cohort is over 50 students that are the new wave of designers – they are deeply precise and precious about what they put into the world. They ask questions about gender, form and culture – in both the real world and digital. It’s a rallying cry against spiralling into a vortex of the disposable’’.

Yuqi Wang, All At Once. Photo: Daniel Sim

Clara Chu, All At Once. Photo: Daniel Sim

Carol Muthiga–Oyekunle, All At Once. Photo: Daniel Sim