Art after Lockdown: Waddington Custot reopens with a continually changing presentation

As the world locked down over the past months as a consequence of Covid-19, so did all exhibitions. In response, Flowers Gallery, Goodman Gallery and Waddington Custot embraced the possibilities of the digital arena, with four online shows.

Now Waddington Custot, who has added British artist David Annesley to its digital solo exhibition series NEW WORK, is pleased to announce the reopening of its gallery at 11 Cork Street.

Following this extended period of limited cultural experiences, a curated, continuously changing presentation of painting and sculpture is displayed. The revolving selection of art includes pieces by Modern masters including Pierre Soulages and Jean Dubuffet, alongside works by contemporary artists.

Back online, the NEW WORK project is set to continue over summer. Anneseley’s showing happens over fifty years since his debut with the gallery in 1966, his open-form, metal sculptures drawing upon his own physical experience flying as an RAF pilot. Combining two rings of curved aluminium or steel, structured in a way the inner rings appear to float weightlessly, they point to the aerobatic loops and rolls that Annesley once performed, while exploring colour relationships relative to space and movement.

Waddington Custot, 11 Cork Street, London W1S 3LT.